How to add white background to image with your iPhone


There was a time when removing the background of an image was sometimes complex and very time consuming. You had to install PhotoShop and learn how to use it. Nowadays, it is possible to remove the background in 2 seconds thanks to your iPhone. Here is a video example:

To add a white background on an image, follow the steps below:

1 - Download PhotoRoom (free app)

From your iPhone, click this link or open the App Store and search for PhotoRoom. The application is very well rated and free (there is a subscription for pros but it works very well without one).

PhotoRoom App Store

2 - Open the app and add your image

Open the application, skip the home screen and click the big “+” button. PhotoRoom App Store

3- Choose your image

Tip: choose a picture where the object is on a relatively plain background (wood, fabric) and without other objects in the background.

4- Export your image

All you have to do is choose the result (white, transparent, or other background). Then click on the button on the top right to export your image. PhotoRoom App Store

5- Save to your phone

You can save in your gallery or add it to Instagram directly. PhotoRoom App Store

There you go! In 2-3 clicks, you have removed the background automatically.